Three Spring Farms LLC

Grassfed Beef

At Three Spring Farms, we firmly believe that cattle are best raised on grass. We began our operation in early 2011 and the first step we took was to convert several tilled fields to full-time grass pastures.

Our cattle eat grass or hay, period. We have not and will not supplement them with grain products. We like the idea of 100% pasture raised beef and we strive to make that a reality. We realize that grassfed beef may be a slight departure from conventional grain fed or grain finished beef, but we have confidence that customers who prefer this leaner and healthier product will find us an appreciate the product.

The cattle live outside and spend minimal time in barns or lots. They are given room to roam and are rotated frequently through dozens of distinct pastures during the growing season. This rapid movement means a constant supply of fresh grass and decreased burden of disease or parasites. If the cows are happier and healthier, we think our customers will be, too.

In addition to restaurant and retail store sales, we offer our beef to individual customers who are interested in buying a portion of a steer or heifer for the freezer. We can take a prospective buyer through that process in a step-by-step fashion, since it is likely that many beef buyers have not purchased in this way previously. Contact us for a clear and thorough explanation of what it means and what it costs to purchase a portion of a beef!
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